Men’s Groups

Husband & Fatherhood Studies
Beginning the week of September 11, 2017
(12-14 weeks)

The Complete Husband, by Lou Priolo

Jimmy will lead two studies: Tuesdays 6:30am-7:30am Chick-Fil-A (Waverly Place or Crossroads) and Thursdays 11:30am-12:30pm Remington Grill (Crossroads).

From marriages that are doing good and could just use some encouragement to ones that are falling apart, we have seen this study transform all types!

Email Jimmy if you are interested!

Age of Opportunity by Paul Tripp

Chad will lead two studies: Mondays 6:30am-7:30am Chick-Fil-A (Waverly Place) and Fridays 11:30am-12:30pm Remington Grill (Crossroads).

Chad will use this book and possibly a couple other resources to help equip us dads in seeing that raising kids (including teenagers) is an really an opportunity that God is giving us!

Email Chad if you are interested!


Men of Armor serves churches and Christian men by hosting men’s small groups that help to create biblical heart change.

Jimmy and Chad had three specific goals in mind when starting these groups:

1. To help Christian marriages thrive according to the Word of God

Most men we meet want to be a godly husband, want a God-honoring marriage, and want to lead their families, they just don’t know how. In our opinion, The Complete Husband, is the best book we’ve read to help men in all these areas. It is faithful to the Word of God, easy for the average man to follow, and heavy on the application of Scripture to our hearts where real heart change occurs. God has certainly used this book to call men back to their biblical responsibility as a husband. It also gives the “average” husband the tools he needs to become better at pleasing the Lord in his marriage.

2. To create an environment where men can be open about their struggles and find encouragement from other godly men

Many of us men live isolated lives. God created us to live in community. He created men to “hold each others arms up” in the battle of life (think Aaron, Hur, and Moses).

3. To equip disciple makers

Once men have gone through this 14 week journey (they meet once a week for an hour), we encourage them to go find a group of men from their church to pour into.

God is doing a powerful work in the hearts of the husbands that are in these groups. If you need a tune-up or if your marriage is falling apart, jumping into one of these groups will bless you beyond measure. If you’d like more information about joining a group or starting one at your church, please contact us.