Hurt by Someone You Love

By Jimmy Stopper I was on my way to pick my son up from school.  I was really looking forward to seeing him and having some one-on-one conversation with him.  […]


Family Devotional for Thanksgiving

By Jimmy Stopper If your family is anything like ours, it is so easy to focus on the things we do not have.  Our sinful hearts can long for more […]


Sex Trafficking in Your Hometown?

By Jimmy Stopper The movie, “Priceless” was released in theaters two weekends ago.  The lead actor in the movie, Joel Smallbone, is one of the two brothers that make up […]


An Encounter I Will Never Forget

By Jimmy Stopper Last year, I visited my grandmother in a nursing home in Pennsylvania.  At this nursing home, most of the people are completely dependent upon the staff for […]


“Dad…what is the Men’s Club?”

By Jimmy Stopper Several days ago, I was in the kitchen when my 10 year-old son asked me, “Dad, what is ‘The Men’s Club’?” I was not totally taken off guard […]


Passing on Leadership to your Children

Passing on Leadership to your Children I try to lead my family in devotions throughout the week. Last summer we went through the book of Acts together and we are […]


50 Shades of Grace

50 Shades of GRACE Men, I took my wife out last night to dinner and to see a newly released movie called “Old Fashioned.” I know what you’re thinking – […]


2016 Daddy Daughter Dance Scheduled

The Daddy-Daughter Dance is our annual event that intends to draw the hearts of fathers to their daughters and the hearts of daughters to their fathers. This dance was created out of the need we saw for a Christ-centered dance where dads and daughters interact together the whole night. They will make a craft together, learn some jitterbug dance moves, participate in fun games, eat great food, and hear a short message for both dad and daughter. Our long-term desire for this dance is that daughters will keep coming with their dads through high school and set a godly example for the younger girls. By the grace of God, we have over 750 dads and daughters come each year. Our two back-to-back dances are sold out months in advance. This dance is truly making an impact in the lives of dads and daughters.

Click here to register for the Friday Night Daddy Daughter Dance. 

For more information, please email